Aviation Procurement Systems (APS) is a defense contractor and commercial aviation solutions firm supplying OEM spare parts and FAA/EASA/TCCA-certified repair services for airlines, stockists, and brokers, as well as the United States Armed Forces and allied militaries in more than two dozen countries worldwide.

Experience and Proven Track Record

With a proven record of being able to deliver strategic solutions, hard to find parts, and expedited repairs on time and on budget, APS has been awarded contracts with numerous militaries across the globe including U.S. Tactical Command, U.S. Defense Logistics Agency, NATO, and the U.S. Foreign Military Sales program.

Quality Assurance

APS is ISO certified and maintains a base line with the U.S. Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) that has audited our operations, determining that we adhere or exceed all U.S. quality standards related to the handling of military-grade parts and services.

Global Reach

APS maintains agents and offices across the globe, allowing for continuous access and unmitigated results no matter where you are located.

APS is a Trusted Partner for Armed Forces

Approved Vendor

APS is an approved vendor for armed forces in more than two dozen countries.
CAGE: 71GK6 

Prime Contractor

APS holds prime contracts with the United States Armed Forces and more than a dozen foreign militaries.

Quality & Compliance

APS is ISO certified, audited and approved by US DCMA, and is compliant with all ITAR, DoD, and Commerce regulations.

Access & Ability

With an ability to service more than 100 aircraft, APS is a one-stop source for numerous military clients.